Dr. Rodriguez Webinar: "Doing Business with Behavior Analysis"

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Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) practitioners (OBMers for short) are not your everyday professional. OBMers have deep knowledge and experience in a scientific method for improving performance in the workplace—that is the OBM side. Second, OBMers have a passion to bring OBM creatively and innovatively to the world while maintaining integrity in the science—that’s the entrepreneurial side. OBMers are resourceful and seek feedback throughout their careers to hone skills and work toward achieving success through science and passion. Many resources teach about OBM and help practitioners. The goal of this presentation is to provide a view of the core elements to OBM and some advanced topics, share applications of OBM across industries and problems worth solving, three problem solving strategies from OBM

Hawai'i Association for Behavior analysis

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