Dr. Siri Ming Webinar: "RFT, VB, and EIBI Programming for Generativity" (Part 1 of 2)

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Abstract: Relational Frame Theory (RFT) sees generalized derived relational responding—relational framing—as the core skill involved in human language, essential for flexible, fluent conversational skills and academic progress. Relational responding repertoires have been highly correlated with language and IQ measures, relational training programs have shown powerful effects on both academic skills and IQ, and a key domain for the application of RFT has recently been in teaching children with language and academic deficits. In this 2 PART SERIES workshop Dr. Siri Ming presents an approach that integrates theory and research on the assessment and training of derived relational responding skills with strategies developed by programs which follow a Skinnerian analysis of verbal behavior, including an emphasis on analyzing motivational variables, training mands, and conducting training in the natural environment. Relational responding repertoires along with other critical behavioral cusps are identified for the purpose of teaching towards an ultimate aim of establishing generative language, creating a powerful framework for approaching early intervention, based on RFT and informed by decades of research and practice. Participants who are using curricula based on an RFT approach already are invited to a deeper exploration of the underlying theory, and will be introduced to a framework for problem-solving when lesson plans are not producing desired outcomes.

Hawai'i Association for Behavior analysis

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